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The best rates for 2 nights accommodation 
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All rates are in AUD and include all taxes.
   Arrival      Nights     
Adelaide Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed
21 Jun 22 Jun 23 Jun 24 Jun 25 Jun 26 Jun 27 Jun 28 Jun 29 Jun 30 Jun 01 Jul 02 Jul 03 Jul 04 Jul
South Terrace MotelDouble Hotel Room7888887878787878919186868686
 Adelaide CBD  
Double + Single Hotel Room8595958585858585SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold
Family Hotel RoomSoldSoldSold114114114114114124124119119119119
Chifley on South TerraceDeluxe Queen Hotel Room1021121149494949794106120103103103103
 Adelaide CBD  
Twin Double Hotel Room108128Sold99999910399122Sold109109109109
Executive King Hotel Room131140142122122122126122134149132132132132
Studio Queen Apartment158168170149149149153149162177159159159159
Park Lane 1 Bdrm Hotel Suite218228230209209209213209222237SoldSoldSoldSold
2 Room Family Hotel Suite188198Sold179179179183179192Sold189189189189
The Tollgate MotelDouble/ Twin Hotel Room6875757575757575758080808080
 Glen Osmond  
Queen Spa Hotel Room83Sold9090909090909095Sold959595
Family Hotel Room - 1 Q+2 S93105105105105105105105105115115115115115
Jacksons Motor InnQueen Hotel RoomSold70707070707070707070707070
 Glen Osmond  
Twin Hotel RoomSold80808080808080808080808080
Family Hotel Room104104104104104104104104104104104104104104
Deluxe Queen Spa Hotel Room9999999999999999999999999999
Deluxe Queen Hotel RoomSold85858585858585858585858585
Deluxe Family Hotel RoomSoldSoldSold132132132132132132132132132132132
Majestic Minima Hotel Unique King/ Twin Art Room9999999999999999999999999999
iStay Precinct1 Bedroom King/ Twin Apartment138133133123128128128123143148128163218158
 Adelaide CBD  
1 Bedroom Sky View Apartment168158168143153148148143163168148183238178
2 Bedroom Apartment 3 P188178188163173168168163183188168203258198
2 Bedroom Apartment 4P218208218193203198198193213218198233SoldSold
2 Bedroom Sky View Apartment238SoldSold213223218218213SoldSold218253308248
  Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed
21 Jun 22 Jun 23 Jun 24 Jun 25 Jun 26 Jun 27 Jun 28 Jun 29 Jun 30 Jun 01 Jul 02 Jul 03 Jul 04 Jul
Adelaide Heritage Cottages and AptsStudio King Spa SuiteSold265265250250250250250265265250250250250
 North Adelaide  
1 Bedroom King Spa SuiteSold265265245245245245245265265250250250250
2 Bedroom Stanley CottageSold265265250250250250250265265250250250250
2 Bedroom Chapel CottageSold265Sold250250250250250265265250SoldSoldSold
2 Bedroom Bishops VillaSold395395385385385385385395395385385385385
3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom TownhouseSold255255240240240240240255255240240240240
Sussex 3 Bedroom CottageSold255255240240240240240255255240240240240
Comfort Inn Suites SombreroQueen Hotel Room 137122122122137137137137122122122137137137
Deluxe Queen Hotel RoomSold163158158163163163163163158SoldSoldSoldSold
2 Room Hotel Suite210210210210210210210210210210210210210210
Superior King Hotel Room Sold204204204204204204204204204SoldSoldSoldSold
1 Bedroom Studio Suite242242242242242242242242242242242242242242
2 Bedroom Townhouse Apartment242242242242242242242242242242242242242242
Quest Port AdelaideStudio King Apartment170133133133174174174174133133133174174174
 Port Adelaide  
1 Bedroom Apartment191161161161191191191191191191191193193193
2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Apartment243243243243243243243243243243243243243243
3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Apartment289249249249262262262262262262262262262262
Adelaide DressCircle Apartments Kent TowDeluxe 1 Bedroom Apartment SoldSoldSoldSold190190190190209209190190190190
 Adelaide CBD  
Executive 1 Bedroom Apartment Sold222222202202202202202222222202202202202
Premier 1 Bedroom ApartmentSold252252229229229229229252252229229229229
Deluxe 2 Bedroom Apartment SoldSoldSoldSoldSold263263263289289263263263263
Exec 2 Bdrm 2 Bthm ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSold292292292292320320292292292292
Premier 2 Bedroom 2 BathroomSold355354322322322322322355354322322322322
  Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed
21 Jun 22 Jun 23 Jun 24 Jun 25 Jun 26 Jun 27 Jun 28 Jun 29 Jun 30 Jun 01 Jul 02 Jul 03 Jul 04 Jul
Adelaide InnTwin Studio Hotel RoomSoldSold122111111132132132Sold152111111111111
 North Adelaide  
Queen Studio Hotel RoomSold111122111111132132132111152111111111111
Studio Family Hotel RoomSold111122111111132132132111152111111111111
Studio Courtyard Hotel RoomSoldSold139128SoldSold149149128186128128128128
Studio Courtyard Walkin ShowerSoldSoldSoldSoldSold149149Sold128186128128128128
Studio Family Spa Hotel RoomSoldSold139128128149149149128186128128128128
Studio Spa Balcony Hotel RoomSoldSoldSold128128149149149128Sold128Sold128128
Studio Family Spa Balcony RoomSold145Sold145145166166167145Sold145145145145
Studio Spa Courtyard SuiteSold145156145145SoldSold167SoldSold145145145145
1 Bedroom Courtyard Spa SuiteSold145Sold145145166166167145203145145145Sold
1 Bedroom Balcony Spa SuiteSoldSoldSold145145SoldSold167SoldSold145145145145
The O'Connell InnQueen Hotel RoomSold125125125150150150150150150150150150150
 North Adelaide  
Deluxe Queen Hotel RoomSoldSoldSold125175175175175175175175175175175
Executive King Hotel RoomSold165165165205205205205205205205205205205
Queen + 2 Singles Hotel RoomSold165165165225225225225225225225225225225
Exec Twin Queen Hotel RoomSold165165165205205205205205205205205205205
Mansions on PulteneyStudio ApartmentSold119130115119119119119119125119119119119
 Adelaide CBD  
1 Bedroom ApartmentSold115119112112112115115125125120120120120
1 Bedroom Executive ApartmentSold110120110119119119119119135123123123123
1 Bedroom Family ApartmentSold149149149149149149149159168154154154154
  Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed
21 Jun 22 Jun 23 Jun 24 Jun 25 Jun 26 Jun 27 Jun 28 Jun 29 Jun 30 Jun 01 Jul 02 Jul 03 Jul 04 Jul
Majestic Old Lion Apartments1 Bedroom ApartmentSoldSold144114124124124SoldSoldSold124139170164
 North Adelaide  
1 Bedroom Superior Apartment 129SoldSold119129129129129SoldSold129144175169
2 Bedroom Apartment179199199169179179179179SoldSold179194225219
3 Bedroom Apartment264284Sold254264264264264280Sold264279310304
Adelaide Meridien Hotel and Apartments1 Bedroom Queen Hotel Suite8589Sold101701121121058813110610380100
 North Adelaide  
1 Bedroom Apartment10510913112190132132125108151126123100120
Executive Queen Studio949812011079121121114118161136133110130
Executive Queen Spa Hotel Room150154Sold166135177177170153196171168145165
Enfield HotelKing Studio Hotel Room + Bfast9999999999999999999999999999
Family Studio Hotel Room+ Bfst139139139139139139139139139139139139139139
Single Studio Hotel Room+ Bfst8589898985858585898989898989
King Studio Spa Room + Bfast109109109109109109109109109109109109109109
Plaza Hotel AdelaideSingle Hotel Room + Ensuite8585858585858585858585999999
 Adelaide CBD  
Double Hotel Room + Ensuite9898989898989898989898120120120
Rex HotelSingle Hotel Room SoldSoldSold85SoldSoldSoldSold9585858585Sold
Twin Hotel Room959595959595Sold951059595959595
Queen Hotel RoomSoldSoldSold95SoldSoldSoldSold105959595Sold95
King/ Twin Studio Hotel Room115SoldSoldSoldSold115Sold115135115115115SoldSold
Single Studio Hotel RoomSoldSold105105SoldSoldSoldSoldSold105105105105Sold
Links HotelEconomy Single Hotel Room65SoldSoldSold65656565Sold65656565Sold
Single Hotel Room8080808080808080808080808080
Economy Double And Single Room100100Sold100100100100100100100100100100Sold
Queen And Single Hotel Room120120120120120120120120120120120120120120
Economy Family Room100100100100100Sold100100100100100100100Sold
Family Studio Hotel Room120120120120120120120120120120120120120120
  Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed
21 Jun 22 Jun 23 Jun 24 Jun 25 Jun 26 Jun 27 Jun 28 Jun 29 Jun 30 Jun 01 Jul 02 Jul 03 Jul 04 Jul
Welcome Inn 277Double Hotel Room8591919191919191919191919191
 Glen Osmond  
Queen Hotel Room91101101101101101101101101101101101101101
Adabco Boutique HotelPremium Queen Hotel Room109109109109109109109109109129109109109109
 Adelaide CBD  
Premium Queen Room No Cancel1099810998109109981091091291091099898
Premium Twin Hotel Room109109109109109109109109109129109109109109
Premium Twin Room No Cancel1099810998109109981091091291091099898
Premium Twin Room + Bfst157157157157157157157157157177157157157157
Premium King Hotel Room 129129129129129129129129129149129129129129
1 Bedroom Queen Hotel Suite209SoldSoldSold209209209209209229209209209209
1 Bedroom Suite No Cancel209SoldSoldSold209209188209209229209209188188
2 Bedroom Hotel Suite189189189189189189189189189Sold189189Sold189
2 Bedroom Suite No Cancel189170189170189189170189189Sold189189Sold170
2 Bedroom Hotel Suite + Bfast237237237237237237237237237Sold237237Sold237
Adelaide DressCircle Apartments Childers1 Bedroom ApartmentSold209209190190190190190209209190190190190
 North Adelaide  
2 Bedroom ApartmentSold216216216216216216216216216216216216216
Apartments on George2 Bedroom Apartment149149Sold149149149149149149189149149149149
Brighton Caravan ParkPowered Slab SiteSold38383838383838383838383838
 Kingston Park  
2 Bedroom Waterview VillaSoldSoldSold125125125125125125125125125125125
2 Bedroom Seabreeze Villa- 4 PSold159Sold159159159159159159159160160160160
2 Bedroom Seabreeze Villa- 6 PSoldSoldSold159159159159159159159160160160160
  Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed
21 Jun 22 Jun 23 Jun 24 Jun 25 Jun 26 Jun 27 Jun 28 Jun 29 Jun 30 Jun 01 Jul 02 Jul 03 Jul 04 Jul
Hendon HotelKing Studio Hotel Room8989898989898989999999999999
 Royal Park  
Twin Studio Hotel Room9999999999999999999999999999
Family Studio Hotel Room149149149149149149149149149149149149149149
Majestic Tynte Street ApartmentsStudio Queen ApartmentSoldSold134109114119119Sold114Sold120124175159
Buxton Manor Apartments1 Bedroom Luxury ApartmentSold275275Sold265265265265275275275275275275
 North Adelaide  
1 Bedroom Luxury Spa CottageSold265265Sold250250250250265265250250250250
2 Bedroom Buxton ApartmentSold265265Sold250250250250265265250SoldSoldSold
2 Bedroom G L Esquire AptSold265265Sold265265265265265265265265Sold265
3 Bedroom Executive ApartmentSold265265Sold250250250250SoldSoldSoldSold250Sold
Fire Station InnFire Engine King Spa SuiteSoldSoldSold285285285285285295Sold285285285285
 North Adelaide  
Luxury Queen Spa SuiteSold265265250250250250250265265250250250250
2 Bedroom Penthouse ApartmentSoldSold395385385385385385395395385385385385
Majestic Roof Garden HotelSuperior King/ Twin Hotel RoomSold145Sold145SoldSold157Sold145154145150160160
 Adelaide CBD  
Superior Room No CancelSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold150150150150Sold150
Superior West Room No Cancel150SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold
Superior Hotel Room West155Sold155155155194167155155164155160170170
Superior Hotel Room East165165165165165204177165165174165170180180
Majestic Balcony Hotel RoomSoldSold180180180219192180180189180185195195
Majestic Spa Hotel Suite230230230230230269242230230Sold230235245245
Miller Apartments Adelaide1 Bedroom Loft ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold144144SoldSold139139SoldSold
 Adelaide CBD  
Deluxe 1 Bedroom Apartment 151151154142146156146146151218142142142142
1 Bdm Exec Apartment No Cancel170170178165189189170170180246156165165165
Deluxe 2 Bedroom Apartment279SoldSold209199209239269329Sold259249299279
3 Bedroom Deluxe Apartment329SoldSoldSold279279Sold279SoldSoldSold339339Sold
3bdrm 2 Bthrm Exec ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold329SoldSold409409409409
  Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed
21 Jun 22 Jun 23 Jun 24 Jun 25 Jun 26 Jun 27 Jun 28 Jun 29 Jun 30 Jun 01 Jul 02 Jul 03 Jul 04 Jul
Sage Hotel AdelaideQueen Hotel Room 1071161199090112112107107121104107107107
 Adelaide CBD  
Twin Double Hotel Room1071341379090112112107125139104107107107
Executive King Hotel Room134152155117117139139134143157131134134134
Exec 1 Bdm Spa Hotel Suite 188215218171171193193188206Sold185188188188
2 Room Family Hotel Suite107SoldSold9090112112107SoldSold104107107107
Sferas Park Suites Convention CentrePremium Queen Hotel SuiteSoldSold169169153153153153153Sold169153153153
Park View Spa Suite 1 Q +1 SSoldSoldSold154138138138138138154154138Sold138
Queen Studio Hotel SuiteSoldSoldSold159139139Sold139159159159139139139
Premier Queen Spa Hotel SuiteSoldSold149149131131131131131149149131131131
Deluxe King Spa Hotel SuiteSoldSold190190172172172172172Sold190172172172
Loft Studio Hotel Suite - 4 PSoldSoldSoldSoldSold200200200220220220200200200
Comfort Inn Haven MarinaQueen Hotel RoomSold131156131131131131131131156131131131131
Marina View Queen Hotel RoomSold151176151151151151151151176151151151151
Family Hotel Room - 1 Q + 2 SSoldSold196171171171171171171196171171171171
Adelaide DressCircle Apartments Archer S2 Bedroom ApartmentSold251251228228228228228251251228228228228
Adelaide DressCircle Apartments Ward Str1 Bedroom ApartmentSold195195177177177177177195195177177177177
Adelaide Short Stays2 Bedroom ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold169169
Hotel Richmond on Rundle MallSuperior Hotel RoomSold121130108SoldSold117117117130121121121121
 Adelaide CBD  
Studio King/ Twin Hotel Room121130139117126SoldSold126126139130130130130
Exec 1 Bedroom Hotel Suite148157166144153153148153153166157157157157
  Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed
21 Jun 22 Jun 23 Jun 24 Jun 25 Jun 26 Jun 27 Jun 28 Jun 29 Jun 30 Jun 01 Jul 02 Jul 03 Jul 04 Jul
Quest King William SouthStudio ApartmentSold189189189189SoldSoldSold177177235235SoldSold
 Adelaide CBD  
1 Bedroom ApartmentSold212212212200Sold212200200200258281Sold304
Exec 1 Bedroom ApartmentSold235235235235SoldSoldSold235235269292SoldSold
2 Bedroom ApartmentSold407407407407SoldSoldSold350407465465SoldSold
Adelaide City Park MotelBudget Hotel RoomSold78807570707578SoldSoldSoldSold8282
 Adelaide CBD  
Classic Hotel Room - 1 Q + 1 SSold98103958486889310010491939797
Double Hotel RoomSold95999579818388909486879292
Hotel Room+ Verandah-1 Q + 1 SSoldSoldSold98899193103120124101103107107
Parkview Queen Hotel RoomSold11511810999101103108140144111113117117
Family Hotel Room - 4 PSoldSoldSold112104106108113140144111113117117
Family Hotel Room - 6 PSold131145130114116118123160164121123127127
Premier Hotel Room - 1 Q + 1 SSold135138125119121123118160164121123127127
RNR Serviced Apartments Adelaide1 Bedroom Apartment Sturt St135139137137138138138138159159159159159159
 Adelaide CBD  
2 Bdrm 2 Bthrm Town House176179179179179179179179SoldSold189189189189
3 Bdrm 2 Bthrm Town House235SoldSoldSold250250250250SoldSoldSold250250250
Adelaide Dresscircle Apartments Sussex SStudio ApartmentSold158158144SoldSoldSold144158158144144144144
 Adelaide CBD  
1 Bedroom Deluxe Apartment Sold201201184184184184184201201184184184184
Mawson Lakes Hotel Function CentreDeluxe Queen Hotel Room184139139152184Sold174161139139139152161161
 Gepps Cross  
1 Bedroom Hotel SuiteSold148148169SoldSold194178148148148169178178
1 Bedroom ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold129129129SoldSoldSold
Central 1 Bedroom Apartment204148148169204204194178148148148169178178
2 Bedroom Studio Hotel SuiteSold129Sold139Sold162155129129129129129129129
2 Bedroom Hotel SuiteSold195195SoldSoldSold277241195195SoldSold241241
Central 2 Bedroom ApartmentSold195Sold216SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold241241
  Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed
21 Jun 22 Jun 23 Jun 24 Jun 25 Jun 26 Jun 27 Jun 28 Jun 29 Jun 30 Jun 01 Jul 02 Jul 03 Jul 04 Jul
Hello Adelaide Motel + ApartmentsQueen Hotel RoomSold9090908787Sold87909090878787
Queen + Single Hotel RoomSold97979090909090979790909090
1 Bedroom Apartment108112115108108108108108112115108108108108
Family Suite - Up To 6 People125127135125125125125125Sold135125125125125
Adelaide Shores Resort2 Bedroom Holiday Unit139159Sold159159159159159159159139139139139
 West Beach  
2 Bedroom Villa199219219219219219219219219219199199199199
2 Bedroom Deluxe Bungalow 229Sold239239239239239239239239229229229229
2 Bedroom Deluxe Spa Bungalow229SoldSold239239239239239239239229229229229
3 Bedroom Deluxe Bungalow 289299Sold299299299299299299299289289289289
Executive 2 Bedroom Villa239259259259259259259259259259239239239239
Ambassadors HotelDouble Hotel RoomSold110110939393939311011093939393
 Adelaide CBD  
King/ Twin Hotel Room UpstairsSoldSold110SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold
King/ Twin + Single Hotel Room93Sold110939393939311011093939393
Heritage Queen + Single Room93110Sold939393939311011093SoldSoldSold
Heritage Queen + Double Room102119119102102102102Sold119119102102102102
King/ Twin Hotel Room119Sold136SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold
Double + Single Hotel RoomSold136SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold119119SoldSold
Deluxe Upstairs Triple Room119153153119119119119119153153119119119119
Deluxe Family Hotel Room140SoldSold140140140140140160Sold140140140140
Deluxe Hotel Room - 1 Q + 1 S127144144127127127127127144144127127127127
  Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed
21 Jun 22 Jun 23 Jun 24 Jun 25 Jun 26 Jun 27 Jun 28 Jun 29 Jun 30 Jun 01 Jul 02 Jul 03 Jul 04 Jul
North Adelaide Boutique Stays AccommodatDeluxe Studio Hotel RoomSoldSold140140140140140140145145150150150150
 North Adelaide  
Studio ApartmentSoldSold155150150150150150155155155155155155
Disabled Studio ApartmentSoldSold135Sold150150150150150150155155155155
2 Bedroom 2 Bthm Studio AptSoldSoldSold290290290290290300300300300300300
Quest on King WilliamStudio Queen Apartment239237220204Sold274244224249259169174239234
 Adelaide CBD  
1 Bedroom Queen Apartment264259239219233289259239269274189204259244
2 Bedroom Apartment349329367329369369369369399Sold339349349349
Oaks Embassy1 Bedroom Apartment No CancelSold165151123123132132127189227127146208218
 Adelaide CBD  
2 Bedroom Apartment No Cancel194222Sold180180189189184246Sold184203265275
2 Bdm 2 Bthm Apt No CancelSoldSoldSoldSold218227227222SoldSold222241303Sold
3 Bdm 2 Bthm Apt No CancelSold332Sold289289298298294SoldSold294SoldSold384
Oaks Horizons1 Bedroom Deluxe Apartment Sold169154129134134134134179199134174SoldSold
 Adelaide CBD  
1 Bedroom Apartment No CancelSold161146123127127127127170189127165SoldSold
1 Bdm North Terrace No Cancel165Sold170142146146146146189208146184SoldSold
2 Bedroom Apartment No Cancel203SoldSold180184184184184SoldSold184222322294
2 Bdm North Terrace No CancelSoldSoldSold199203203203203SoldSold203241341313
Oaks Liberty Towers1 Bedroom Queen Apartment134134149134134134134134139189164179179169
1 Bedroom Apartment No Cancel127127142127127127127127132180156170170161
2 Bedroom Apartment No Cancel189184199184184184184184SoldSoldSold265265256
2 Bedroom Queen/twin Apartment199194209194194194194194SoldSoldSold279279269
  Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed
21 Jun 22 Jun 23 Jun 24 Jun 25 Jun 26 Jun 27 Jun 28 Jun 29 Jun 30 Jun 01 Jul 02 Jul 03 Jul 04 Jul
Oaks Plaza PierStudio ApartmentSold189199179SoldSoldSold189189239199199219219
Studio Apartment No CancelSold180189170SoldSoldSold180180227189189208208
1 Bedroom Apartment No CancelSold189199180175Sold180189189Sold199Sold218218
1 Bedroom ApartmentSold199209189184Sold189199199Sold209Sold229229
1 Bdm Park View Apt No Cancel189199208189184189189199199Sold208208227227
1 Bedroom Park View Apartment199209219199194199199209209Sold219219239239
1 Bdm Ocean Aptment No Cancel218227Sold218213218218227227275237237256256
1 Bdm Ocean View Apartment229239Sold229224229229239239289249249269269
2 Bedroom Apartment No Cancel237246Sold237232237237SoldSold389Sold351SoldSold
2 Bedroom Apartment249259Sold249244249249SoldSold409Sold369SoldSold
2 Bedroom Park View259269279259254259259269369SoldSold379399399
2 Bed Park View No Cancel246256265246241246246256351SoldSold360379379
2 Bdm Ocean Aptment No Cancel284SoldSold284279284284294427474436436455455
Glenelg Beachside Apartments2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Apartment220220220220220249249249SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold
2 Bdm 2 Bthm Park Apartment195SoldSoldSoldSold300300300SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold
Quest Mawson LakesStudio King/ Twin ApartmentSold139139139Sold190190190139139139184184184
 Mawson Lakes  
1 Bedroom ApartmentSold169169169SoldSoldSold192154154154192192192
2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom ApartmentSold249249249Sold319319319249249249299299299
3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom ApartmentSold379379379Sold429SoldSoldSold429429Sold429429
Glenelg Holiday Apartments2 Bedroom Apartment150150150150150150150150150150150150150150
  Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed
21 Jun 22 Jun 23 Jun 24 Jun 25 Jun 26 Jun 27 Jun 28 Jun 29 Jun 30 Jun 01 Jul 02 Jul 03 Jul 04 Jul
Rydges South Park AdelaideQueen Hotel Room11093110Sold125Sold143Sold134Sold107SoldSoldSold
 Adelaide CBD  
Queen + Single Hotel RoomSold93110107Sold143143161134Sold10798116107
Superior Parkview Hotel RoomSold127144143161179179197170188143134152143
Superior Twin Views No CancelSold134152SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold
Superior Parkview Twin RoomSold127144143161179179197170Sold143134152143
Superior Cityview Hotel RoomSoldSold127139159179179199169189139129149139
Levi Park Caravan ParkUnpowered Site4242424242424242424242424242
  Vale Park   
Heritage Apartment159159159159159159159159159159159159159159
1 Bedroom Cabin - 1 Q + 2 S110110110110110110110110110110110110110Sold
Adelaide ParingaQueen Hotel Room89SoldSold8484848484SoldSold84898989
 Adelaide CBD  
Queen Hotel Room No Cancel85SoldSold8080808080SoldSold80858585
Queen + 2 Singles Hotel Room89129Sold9499104104104SoldSold94Sold104104
Discovery Holiday Parks Adelaide BeachBudget Cabin - 5 PSold103108Sold101Sold101101989897979797
2 Bedroom Cabin - 6 PSold150160143143143143143140140131131131131
Deluxe 3 Br CabinSold194Sold202202202202202184184184184184184
Superior StudioSold163173163163163163163153153153153153153
Budget Studio CabinSold107112112112112112112102102109109109109
Superior Access StudioSold163173163Sold163163163153153153153153153
Standard Cabin - 2 BerthSoldSold147125125125SoldSold127127112SoldSold112
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