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The best rates for 2 nights accommodation 
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   Arrival      Nights     
Canberra Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
23 Jun 24 Jun 25 Jun 26 Jun 27 Jun 28 Jun 29 Jun 30 Jun 01 Jul 02 Jul 03 Jul 04 Jul 05 Jul 06 Jul
City Style Executive Apartments2 Bedroom 2 Bath Apart - CitySoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold240SoldSoldSold240Sold
Belconnen Hotel Motel and Serviced AptsQueen Hotel Room136116146Sold186136126156117117135144135126
Family Hotel Room174154184224224174164Sold162162181191181171
Studio Queen Apartment151131161201201151141171131131149158149140
Queen/ Twin Hotel Room146126156196196146136166132132151160151141
Studio Apartment Disabled176156186226Sold176166196153Sold171181171162
Premium Queen Studio Apartment174154184224224174164194153153171181171162
Small 2 Room Apartment154134164204204154144174135135153162153144
Premium Family Apartment199179209249249199189219176176194203194185
Premium 3 Bedroom ApartmentSold274304344344294284314262262281290281272
Forrest Hotel and ApartmentsQueen Hotel Room96108158SoldSold138106128113131143148143128
Double & Single Hotel RoomSold118168Sold228148116138123141153158153138
Executive 1 Bedroom ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSold248158127152148178188188178168
Executive 2 Bedroom ApartmentSold153198298288SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold
One of a Kind Apartments1 Bedroom Apartment220180210210210210210Sold229229229229229229
2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom ApartmentSold260SoldSoldSold260260Sold260SoldSoldSoldSoldSold
2 Bedroom TerraceSold320SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold330Sold330330
Pinnacle Apartments1 Bedroom ApartmentSold209SoldSoldSold189189Sold210210SoldSoldSoldSold
2 Bedroom Spa Apartment229269309Sold329249249Sold243243243243SoldSold
3 Bdrm 2 Bthrm Apartment299329SoldSold389299299Sold320320320320320Sold
4 Bdrm 2 Bthrm Apartment369389429449449359359Sold380380380Sold380Sold
  Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
23 Jun 24 Jun 25 Jun 26 Jun 27 Jun 28 Jun 29 Jun 30 Jun 01 Jul 02 Jul 03 Jul 04 Jul 05 Jul 06 Jul
Alivio Tourist Park CanberraQueen/twin Hotel RoomSold135SoldSold135135135Sold135135135135135155
Grevillea 2 Bedroom Cabin165159165165165165165165165165Sold165165179
Woodland 1 Bedroom Cabin155155155Sold155155155155155155155155155165
Park Villa - 2 Bedroom239239249249249249249249249249249249249269
3 Bedroom Villa429429429429429429429429429429429429SoldSold
2 Bedroom Premium Villa249249269269269269269269269269269269269289
Garden Villa - 2 Bedroom229229239239239239239239239239239239239249
Quality Hotel DicksonQueen/ Twin Hotel Room123123168SoldSold153143143123Sold173173173173
Queen Spa Hotel Room133133SoldSoldSold163153153173183183183183183
Canberra Parklands Apartment Hotel Dicks1 Bedroom Queen Hotel Suite158158185SoldSold185180180180180180180180180
King + Single Hotel Suite177177205SoldSold205200200200200200200200200
1 Bedroom Apartment167167195SoldSold195190190190190190190190190
2 Bedroom 2 Bthm Spa ApartmentSold279315SoldSold315310SoldSoldSold310310310310
3 Bedroom 2 Bthm Spa ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSoldSold390SoldSoldSoldSold385385385385
Medina Serviced Apartments Canberra Jame1 Bedroom Queen Spa Apartment219149249339339199169Sold159199229229219199
1 Bedroom Apartment No Cancel197134224SoldSold179SoldSold143179206206197179
2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom No Cancel296233323SoldSold278SoldSold242278305305296278
2 Bdroom 2 Bthm Apartment329259359449449309279Sold269309339339329309
2 Bedroom Apartment No Cancel296233323SoldSold278SoldSold242278305305296278
2 Bdm 2 Bthm Spa Apartment329259359449449309279Sold269309339339329309
  Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
23 Jun 24 Jun 25 Jun 26 Jun 27 Jun 28 Jun 29 Jun 30 Jun 01 Jul 02 Jul 03 Jul 04 Jul 05 Jul 06 Jul
Hamilton's Townhouse MotelDeluxe Queen Studio Room130130145145145145145145130145145145145145
Deluxe Twin Studio Room140140155155155155155155140155155155155155
Deluxe Queen Spa Studio RoomSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold180180180180180180180
Deluxe 2 Room Studio Suite-4 P209SoldSoldSoldSoldSold209209209209209209209209
Abode GungahlinStudio King Apartment132142SoldSoldSold151170170142151161161151142
Studio King/ Twin ApartmentSold142180303284170170Sold161170180180170142
Disabled Accessible StudioSoldSoldSoldSoldSold159179179Sold159169169159149
Executive Studio ApartmentSold142180322303189170208180189199199189142
Family Studio ApartmentSold135151335319223159Sold215223231231223223
Canberra Short Term and Holiday AccommodStudio Double ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSoldSold137137132132132132132132154
Studio Apartment - 1 D + 1 SSoldSoldSoldSoldSold159159137137137137137137181
Parkway MotelDouble Hotel Room110110SoldSoldSoldSold110110110110110110110110
Double + Single Hotel Room120120120120120Sold120120120120120120120120
Deluxe Queen Hotel Room130130130130130130130130130130130130130130
Superior Queen Spa Hotel Room165165165165165165165165165165165165165165
Family Hotel Room - 1 Q + 3 S170170170170170170170170175175175175175175
2 Room Hotel Suite-1 Q+ 4 S210210SoldSold200200200200200200200200200Sold
2 Room Hotel Suite-2 D+ 2 SSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold240240240240240240240
Abode TuggeranongStudio Apartment179179359459Sold209159169179209209209209169
Studio Apartment No Cancel152152305SoldSold178135144152178178178178144
1 Bedroom Junior Apartment170170SoldSoldSold227180199209227Sold227227161
1 Bedroom Apartment170170379474Sold237189209219237237237237161
2 Bedroom Apartment No CancelSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold212
2 Bedroom ApartmentSold219SoldSoldSold279229239249279279279279249
  Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
23 Jun 24 Jun 25 Jun 26 Jun 27 Jun 28 Jun 29 Jun 30 Jun 01 Jul 02 Jul 03 Jul 04 Jul 05 Jul 06 Jul
Alpha Canberra Hotel and ApartmentsDeluxe Hotel Room No Service149139159SoldSold199139149139159Sold199159139
Deluxe Queen Hotel Room159149169SoldSold209149159149169SoldSold169149
Deluxe Room+ Bfast No Cancel184174179SoldSold219174184174179Sold219179174
Deluxe Twin Hotel Room159149169SoldSold209149159149169SoldSold169149
Deluxe Balcony Hotel Room174164184214SoldSold164174164184SoldSold184164
Deluxe Family Hotel Room209199219249SoldSold199Sold199219SoldSold219199
Deluxe Queen Spa Hotel Suite189179199229SoldSold179189179199SoldSold199179
Canberra Rex Hotel and Serviced ApartmenExec King Hotel Room + Bfast158158Sold347326158158158Sold200221Sold221242
 Canberra CBD  
Exec Twin Hotel Room + Bfast197197Sold381358197Sold197220220243266243Sold
Deluxe King Hotel Suite229229308441414229229229255255282308282308
Exec King+ Single Hotel Suite224224302432406224224224250250276302276302
Spa Suite With BalconySold265356509478265265Sold295295326356326356
1 Bedroom King ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold181Sold181193
Canberra Furnished AccommodationStudio Budget Apt GriffithSoldSoldSoldSold138138138138138138138138138138
 Canberra CBD  
1 Bdm Budget Apt-GriffithSoldSold235235235201201201201201201201201201
1 Bed King Apartment - WodenSoldSoldSoldSold328311311311311311311311311311
1 Bed Queen Apartment- BraddonSoldSold321321321288288288288288288288288288
Abode NarrabundahStudio Queen Apartment151142189379332151132151132161180180161142
Studio Apartment - 4 P138155225399355190138155138199216216164147
1 Bedroom Hotel Suite Sold149259459409219139159139229249249169149
1 Bedroom Apartment159149239439SoldSold139159139209229229169149
  Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
23 Jun 24 Jun 25 Jun 26 Jun 27 Jun 28 Jun 29 Jun 30 Jun 01 Jul 02 Jul 03 Jul 04 Jul 05 Jul 06 Jul
Oxley Court Serviced Apartments2 Bedroom Apartment189189289289289289269269269269289289289289
Abode WodenStudio King Apartment170151189427Sold161123142132180180Sold151132
King/ Twin Studio Apartment170151218SoldSold189123142132208208208151132
Fitness Executive Studio Apt179159249499150219129149139239239239159139
Family Studio No Cancel169152237450128212127135135229229229152135
Family Studio Apartment199179279529150249149159159269269269179159
Fitness Exec Studio No Cancel152135212424128186110127118203203203135118
Diplomat HotelQueen Hotel Room162162SoldSoldSold189162162171171171171171171
Deluxe Twin Queen Hotel Room184184306SoldSold212184Sold206206206206206206
Queen + Single Hotel RoomSold162SoldSoldSold189162162189189189189189189
1 Bedroom King Spa Suite194194311SoldSold221184184225225225225225225
King Deluxe Hotel Room176176293SoldSold203176176198198198198198198
Rydges Capital HillSuperior Queen Hotel Room199149SoldSoldSold179159179169189239SoldSold159
Superior Twin Hotel RoomSold149199SoldSold179159179169189239239209159
King Spa Hotel Suite229179SoldSoldSold209189209199219269269239189
Quest CanberraQueen Studio ApartmentSold149SoldSoldSold169159179169199199199199199
 Canberra CBD  
1 Bedroom Queen ApartmentSold159SoldSoldSold179169199189219219Sold219289
Exec 1 Bedroom Apartment189179SoldSoldSold399189209199239239239239229
Exec 2 Bdm 2 Bthrm Apartment339339SoldSold499309309Sold339339339339339339
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