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The best rates for 3 nights accommodation 
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Melbourne Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06 Jul 07 Jul 08 Jul 09 Jul 10 Jul 11 Jul 12 Jul 13 Jul 14 Jul 15 Jul 16 Jul 17 Jul 18 Jul 19 Jul
Arrow on SwanstonStandard Studio Apartment125125125125125125125125125125125125125125
Studio Double Apartment132132132132132132132132132132132132132132
Studio Twin Apartment132132132132132132132132132132132132132132
Studio Twin Apart- No Cancel80802508080250808025025080808080
Superior Twin Apartment140140140140140140140140140140140140140140
1 Bedroom Apartment147147147147147147147147147147147147147147
1 Bedroom Apt -No Cancel909090245909090902459024524524590
1 Bedrm Deluxe Apartment-3 P154154154154154154154154154154154154154154
2 Bedroom Apartment -3 Person176176176176176176176176176176176176176176
2 Bedroom Apt 3P -No Cancel115115115285115115285115115115115115115115
2 Bedroom Apartment -4 Person213213213213213213213213213213213213213213
2 Bedroom Apt 4P - No Cancel140285285140140285285285285285285285140140
British Apartments1 Bedroom Apartment8383838383838383838383838383
Arrow on SpencerStandard Studio Apartment102102102102102102102102102102102102102102
 Melbourne CBD  
1 Bedroom Apartment136136136136136136136136136136136136136136
2 Bedroom Apartment205205205205205205205205205205205205205205
3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Apartment234234234234234234234234234234234234234234
Hawthorn Gardens Serviced Apartments1 Bedroom Apartment139139139139139148148139139139139139148148
2 Bedroom Apartment158158158158158166166158158158158158166166
3 Bedroom Apartment248248248248248278278248248248248248278278
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06 Jul 07 Jul 08 Jul 09 Jul 10 Jul 11 Jul 12 Jul 13 Jul 14 Jul 15 Jul 16 Jul 17 Jul 18 Jul 19 Jul
Quality Hotel Batmans Hill on CollinsStandard Queen109109109109109109109109109109109109109109
 Melbourne CBD  
Standard Twin109109109109109109109109109109109109109109
Standard Family229249271249279279229229249250249279279241
Studio King/ Twin Apartment152169169169178178152152169169169232227152
1 Bdrm King/ Twin Apartment156178178178190199156156178178178190199156
2 Bedroom Apartment213237237237263263243236237237237263263225
Georgian Court Bed and BreakfastSingle Hotel Room+ Bfast7878787878787878787878787878
 East Melbourne  
Queen Ensuite Hotel Room+ Bfst8585858585858585858585858585
Family Ensuite Hotel Room+Bfst139139139139139139139139139139139139139139
Quest on WilliamExec Studio Queen Apartment111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
 Melbourne CBD  
1 Bedroom Queen Apartment125125125125125125125125125125125125125125
2 Bedroom Apartment206206206206206206206206206206206206206206
2 Bdrm 2 Bthm Exec Apartment260260260260260260260260260260260260260260
2 Bedroom 2 Storey Apartment260260260260260260260260260260260260260260
3 Bedroom Apartment494494494494494719494494494494494494719494
Alexander Motor Inn and ApartmentsQueen Hotel Room106106106106106106106106106106106106106106
Twin Single Hotel Room106106106106106106106106106106106106106106
Queen + Single Hotel Room121121121121121121121121121121121121121121
Triple Single Hotel Room125125125125125125125125125125125125125125
Family Hotel Room - 4 P144144144144144144144144144144144144144144
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06 Jul 07 Jul 08 Jul 09 Jul 10 Jul 11 Jul 12 Jul 13 Jul 14 Jul 15 Jul 16 Jul 17 Jul 18 Jul 19 Jul
Barkly Apartments1 Bedroom Apartment123123123123139139123123123123123139139123
Carlton Lygon Lodge Double/ Queen Room 110110110110110115110110110110110110115115
Twin Room120120120120125125120120120120120120125125
Exec Studio Queen Apartment140140140140140140140140140140140140140150
Knightsbridge ApartmentsStudio King/ Twin Apartment8989898989898989898989898989
 East Melbourne  
2 Room Studio Apartment149149149149149149149149149149149149149149
Oaks on MarketStudio Apartment No Cancel146146146146151151146146146146146151151146
 Melbourne CBD  
Studio View Apt No Cancel156156156156161161156156156156156161161156
1 Bedroom Apartment No Cancel165165165165170170165165165165165170170165
1 Bedroom Apartment174174174174179179174174174174174179179174
1 Bedroom View Apt No Cancel175175175175180180175175175175175180180175
2 Bedroom Apartment No Cancel184184184184189189184184184184184189189184
2 Bedroom Apartment194194194194199199194194194194194199199194
2 Bedroom View Apt No Cancel194194194194199199194194194194194199199194
Oaks WRAP on SouthbankStudio Apartment No Cancel142142142142151Sold142142142142142151Sold142
1 Bedroom Apartment No Cancel151151151151161161151151151151151161161151
2 Bedroom Apartment No Cancel218218218218227227218218218218218227227218
2 Bdm Exec Apartment No Cancel237237237237246246237237237237237246246237
Quest Moorabbin Serviced ApartmentsStudio King/ Twin Apartment204194194194194194209209209209209194194194
1 Bedroom King/ Twin Apartment244244239239239239239239239239239239239229
2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Apartment340340325325305305335335305305305335335335
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06 Jul 07 Jul 08 Jul 09 Jul 10 Jul 11 Jul 12 Jul 13 Jul 14 Jul 15 Jul 16 Jul 17 Jul 18 Jul 19 Jul
Pegasus Apartment HotelStudio Queen Apartment110110110110110120110110110110110129139110
 Melbourne CBD  
Studio Twin Apartment110110110110110120110110110110110129139110
Studio Queen+ Single Apartment190190190190210240190190190190190210240190
Deluxe 2 Bedroom Apartment220220220220240270220220220220220240270220
Oaks on WilliamKing Studio Apartment163163163163168168163163163163163168168163
 Melbourne CBD  
Studio Apartment No Cancel155155155155160160155155155155155160160155
Studio Park View Apt No Cancel183183183183188188183183183183183188188183
Studio Park Deluxe No Cancel193193193193198198193193193193193198198193
Studio City View Apt No Cancel174174174174179179174174174174174179179174
1 Bdm Apartment No Cancel198198198198202202198198198198198202202198
1 Bedroom City View Apartment208208208208213213208208208208208213213208
2 Bdm 2 Bthm Aptmnt No Cancel207207207207212212207207207207207212212207
2 Bdm 2 Bthm Exec Apartment218218218218223223218218218218218223223218
Glengala HotelStudio King + Single Room120120120120124124120120120120120124124120
Coolaroo HotelKing Studio Hotel Room139139139139139139139139139139139139139139
King+ Single Studio Hotel Room149149149149149149149149149149149149149149
Two Bedroom Apartment 269269269269269269269269269269269269269269
Lamplighter Motel and ApartmentsClassic Queen Hotel Room124124124124124124124124124124124124124124
Classic Queen + Single Room134134134134134134134134134134134134134134
3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Apartment190190190190190248248248248248248248248248
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06 Jul 07 Jul 08 Jul 09 Jul 10 Jul 11 Jul 12 Jul 13 Jul 14 Jul 15 Jul 16 Jul 17 Jul 18 Jul 19 Jul
Quality Hotel Taylors LakesDelixe Twin Hotel Room152161161152161161152161170170161161170152
 Taylors Lakes  
Queen Spa Hotel Room161170170161170170161170179179170170179161
King Deluxe Hotel Room152161161152161161152161170170161161170152
Deluxe Queen & Single Room188197197188197197188197206206197197206188
Executive King Spa Hotel Room170179179170179179170179188188179179188170
Quest KewExecutive 1 Bedroom Apartment184214204204194224184184214204204194224184
Deluxe 2 Bdrm 2 Bthm Apartment264274274274264274254264274274274264274254
Deluxe 3 Bdrm 2 Bthm Apartment344354354354344364344344354354354344364344
Werribee Motel and ApartmentsDeluxe Queen Studio Hotel Room148148148148148148143143143143143143148143
Queen & Single Studio Room154154154154154158154154154154154154158154
2 Bedroom Suite - 1 Q + 2 S198198198198198218198198198198198198218198
Quest Caroline SpringsStudio Apartment152146146146146146146146146146146146146146
 Caroline Springs  
1 Bedroom Apartment196196196196196196196196196196196196196196
1 Bedroom Executive Apartment191191191191191191191191191191191191191191
1 Bedroom Deluxe Spa Apartment218207218207207207207207207207207207207207
2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Apartment263263263263263263263263263263263263263263
Oaks on LonsdaleStudio Apartment No Cancel123123123123127127123123123123123127127123
 Melbourne CBD  
2 Bdm Apartment No Cancel218218218218222222218218218218218222222218
3 Bedroom Apartment No Cancel307307307307318318307307307307307318318307
Best Western Melbourne CityMatchbox Single Hotel Room8585858595958585858585959585
 Melbourne CBD  
Shoebox Double Room No Cancel8484848492928484848484929284
Shoebox Double Hotel Room95959595105105959595959510510595
Triple Single Hotel Room125125125125135135125125125125125135135125
Twin Single Hotel Room105105105105115115105105105105105115115105
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06 Jul 07 Jul 08 Jul 09 Jul 10 Jul 11 Jul 12 Jul 13 Jul 14 Jul 15 Jul 16 Jul 17 Jul 18 Jul 19 Jul
Oaks on CollinsStudio Queen Apartment149149149149149149149149149149149149149149
 Melbourne CBD  
Exec Studio Queen Apartment159159159159159159159159159159159159159159
Studio Executive High Floor 164164164164164164164164164164164164164164
Sky King Studio Apartment169169169169169169169169169169169169169169
Best Western Plus The Tudor Box HillQueen Hotel Room116116116116116116116116116116116116116116
 Box Hill  
1 Bedroom Queen Apartment126126126126126126126126126126126126126126
2 Bedroom Family Apartment180180180180180180180180180180180180180180
Quest CheltenhamStudio King/ Twin Apartment184184184184184184184184184184184184184194
Quest Williamstown North1 Bedroom Queen Apartment189189189189189189189SoldSoldSoldSold195195195
1 Bdm 2 Bthrn Exec Apartment204204204204204204204208208208208208208Sold
2 Bdm 2 Bthrn Exec Apartment242242242242242242242249249249249249249249
3 Bdm 2 Bthrn Exec Apartment319319319319319Sold319326326326326326326326
Oaks Melbourne South Yarra SuitesQueen/ Twin Studio Apartment155155149149149149149155155149149149149149
 South Yarra  
Studio No Cancel Unserviced138138132132132132132138138132132132132132
Studio Apartment No Cancel147147142142142142142147147142142142142142
Studio Apartment Unserviced145145139139139139139145145139139139139139
1 Bdm No Cancel Unserviced157157151151151151151157157151151151151151
1 Bdm Apartment No Cancel166166161161161161161166166161161161161161
1 Bedroom Apartment Unserviced165165159159159159159165165159159159159159
1 Bedroom Apartment175175169169169169169175175169169169169169
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06 Jul 07 Jul 08 Jul 09 Jul 10 Jul 11 Jul 12 Jul 13 Jul 14 Jul 15 Jul 16 Jul 17 Jul 18 Jul 19 Jul
Knox International Hotel and Service ApaStudio Queen Apartment114114114114114114114114114114114114114114
Studio Twin Apartment 114114114114114114114114114114114114114114
Studio Queen Spa Apartment134134134134134134134134134134134134134134
1 Bedroom Twin Apartment 159159159159159159159159159159159159159159
1 Bedroom Queen Apartment129129129129129129129129129129129129129129
2 Bedroom Apartment189189189189189189189189189189189189189189
Quest on LonsdaleStudio Queen Apartment115115115115115129129129129129129129129129
 Melbourne CBD  
1 Bedroom Queen Apartment127127127127127139139139139139139139139139
2 Bedroom Apartment249249249249249285285285285285285285285285
Motel MaroondahQueen Hotel Room9999999999999999999999999999
 Mont Albert  
Family Motel Room - 1Q + 2 S125125125125125125125125125125125125125125
Glen InnQueen Hotel Room1141031031039910096105105109109100100100
 Glen Waverley  
Queen + Single Hotel Room148148148148148148148148148148148148148148
Family Room - 1 Q + 3 S165165165165165165165165165165165165165165
Millers Inn in AltonaStudio Double & Single Room125125125125125125125125125125125125125125
Studio Double & 2 Singles Room155155155155155155155155155155155155155155
Quest Dandenong CentralStudio King/ Twin Apartment144144144144174174139134134134134129129129
Executive Studio Apartment164164164164189189159144144144144139139139
2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Apartment239239239239329329229209209209209204204204
Executive 2 Bedroom Apartment259259259259349349249219219219219214214214
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06 Jul 07 Jul 08 Jul 09 Jul 10 Jul 11 Jul 12 Jul 13 Jul 14 Jul 15 Jul 16 Jul 17 Jul 18 Jul 19 Jul
Quest IvanhoeStudio Queen/ Twin Apartment199199199199189189189189189189189189189189
1 Bedroom Apartment229229229229229229229229229229229229229229
2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Apartment389389389389389389389389389389389389389389
Whitehorse Apartments HotelStudio/ 1 Bedroom Apartment170139139139139139139139139139139139139139
 Box Hill  
Deluxe 1 Bedroom Apartment 229229229229229229229229229229229229229229
Atura Dandenong Formerly Chifley DovetonDeluxe Queen Hotel Room118118118118118118118118118118118118118118
Crest on BarklyDeluxe Room 126126126126146146126126126126126146146126
 St Kilda  
Family Hotel Room - 1q &2s176176176176206206176176176176176206206176
2 Bedroom Apartment156156156156206206156156156156156206206156
3 Bedroom Apartment206206206206256256206206206206206256256206
Punt Hill KnoxStudio Apartment155160160149139139145155160160149139139145
Parkdale Motor InnTwin Hotel Room129119119119119119119119119119119119119119
King Studio Apartment139129129129129129129129129129129129129129
Sylvania HotelDouble Hotel Room109109109109109109109109109109109109109109
Triple Hotel Room119119119119119119119119119119119119119119
Westside HotelDouble + Single Hotel Room134134134134134134134134134134134134134134
Sandown Regency and ApartmentsQueen + Single Hotel Room109109109109109109109109109109109109109109
 Noble Park  
2 Bdrm 2 Bthm Spa Apartment156156156156156156156156156156156156156156
Beaumont Kew HotelTriple Studio Apartment9595959595959595959595959595
Deluxe Twin Studio Apartment135135135135135135135135135135135135135135
Family Studio Apartment8080808080808080808080808080
2 Bedroom Apartment245245245245245245245245245245245245245245
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06 Jul 07 Jul 08 Jul 09 Jul 10 Jul 11 Jul 12 Jul 13 Jul 14 Jul 15 Jul 16 Jul 17 Jul 18 Jul 19 Jul
Quest WerribeeStudio King/ Twin Apartment170132132132127127127132132132132127127127
1 Bedroom King/ Twin Apartment217179179179165165165179179179179165165165
2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Apartment279246246246246246236236236236236236236236
3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Apartment331331331331331331331331331331331331331331
Golden Pebble HotelTwin Hotel Room125125125125121125121125125125125121125121
Queen Hotel Room 107107107107103107103107107107107103107103
King Hotel Room121121121121116121116121121121121116121116
Deluxe 1 Bedroom Hotel Suite143143143143139143139143143143143139143139
Punt Hill WilliamstownStudio Queen Apartment140150170140125145130170180180170155175160
1 Bedroom Apartment160170180160145165150190200200190175195180
2 Bedroom Apartment235245245235265285225265275275265295315255
Aura on Flinders Serviced Apartments1 Bedroom Economy Apartment79119119119149149119119119119119149149119
 Melbourne CBD  
1 Bedroom Apartment139139139139169169139139139139139169169139
1 Bedroom Deluxe Apartment149149149149199199149149149149149199199149
2 Bedroom Apartment199199199199249249199199199199199249249199
2 Bdm 2 Bthm Deluxe Apartment219219219219299299219219219219219299299219
2 Bedroom Penthouse Apartment795795795795995995795795795795795995995795
Captains Retreat BandB and ApartmentsCorsair Queen Spa Hotel Room210210210210210220210210210210210210220210
Exec 1 Bedroom Spa Hotel Suite240240240240240260240240240240240240260240
1 Or 2 Bedroom Cottage 225225225SoldSold225225225225225225225225225
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06 Jul 07 Jul 08 Jul 09 Jul 10 Jul 11 Jul 12 Jul 13 Jul 14 Jul 15 Jul 16 Jul 17 Jul 18 Jul 19 Jul
PARKROYAL Melbourne AirportTwin Double Hotel Room310320310310Sold270Sold310310Sold310270Sold270
 Melbourne Airport  
Family Hotel Room - 1 K + 2 S410420410410370370370410410410410370370370
1 Bedroom King Spa Hote Suite535545535535495495495535535535535495495495
Punt Hill Northbank Melbourne1 Bedroom Apartment131140140131131136127131140140131131136127
Keilor Motor InnDeluxe Queen Hotel Suite120120120120120120120120120120SoldSoldSoldSold
Deluxe Twin Hotel Suite130130130130130130130130130130SoldSoldSoldSold
Best Western Plus Buckingham InternationQueen Hotel Room120120120120120120120120120120120120120146
Queen + 2 Singles Hotel Room170170170170170170170170170170170170170195
3 Bedoom Apartment264264264264264264264264264264264264264290
Summer Inn Apartment Hotel2 Bedroom Apartment215215215215230235230230230230230235240230
2 Bedroom Family Apartment250250250250265270265265265265265270275265
Eltham Gateway HotelHotel Suite 2-4 P127117117117137137117117117117117137137117
Deluxe 1 Bdrm Spa Hotel Suite 261261261261292292207207207207207292292261
Hill View Spa Hotel Suite147147147147167167167167167167167197197187
Punt Hill Flinders LaneStudio Queen Apartment153162162153207216149153162162153SoldSoldSold
 Melbourne CBD  
1 Bedroom Queen Apartment180189189180221225171180189189180221225171
Amora Hotel RiverwalkDeluxe Courtyard Queen Room186190190182167168162184194193185165167162
Deluxe Courtyard King Room206210210202187188182204214213205185187182
King Spa Hotel Room206210210202187188182204214213205185187182
1 Bedroom Loft Spa Apartment246250250242227228222244254253245225227222
Riverview 1 Bdm Spa Suite266270270262247248242264274273265245247242
Riverview 1 Bdm Bfst No Cancel300304304296282283277298308307299280282277
2 Bdm 2 Bthrm Townhouse 366370370362347348342364374373365345347342
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06 Jul 07 Jul 08 Jul 09 Jul 10 Jul 11 Jul 12 Jul 13 Jul 14 Jul 15 Jul 16 Jul 17 Jul 18 Jul 19 Jul
Claremont Guest HouseBunk Bed Room - Free Wifi7575757575757575757575757575
 South Yarra  
Double Bed Room - Free Wifi8080808080808080808080808080
Queen Hotel Room + Ensuite119119119119Sold119119119119119119119119119
Beachside Apartments Bonbeach1 Bedroom Apartment260260260260260260260260260260260260260260
Clarion Suites GatewayStudio Queen Hotel Room166166166166166166166166166166166166166166
 Melbourne CBD  
1 Bedroom Queen Hotel Suite214214214214214214214214214214214214214214
2 Bedroom Hotel Suite428428428428428428428428428428428428428428
Rydges MelbourneQueen Deluxe Hotel Room179179179179179179179179179179179179189169
 Melbourne CBD  
Twin Deluxe Hotel Room179179179179179179179179179179179179189169
King Executive Hotel Room189199199199199209189189199199199199209189
Queen Spa Suite215245245245245255215215245245245245255209
St. Kilda Junction AccommodationStudio Queen Apartment109109109109128128109109109109109128128121
 St Kilda  
1 Bedroom Queen Apartment148148148148166166148148148148148166166148
1 Bedroom Executive Apartment159159159159168168159159159159159168168159
2 Bedroom Studio Apartment188188188188232232192192192192192200200166
2 Bedroom Apartment212212212212245245212212212212212235235192
Nomads All Nations Backpackers12 Bed Mixed Share Dorm Room1616161616161617171717171717
 Melbourne CBD  
10 Bed Mixed Share Dorm Room1616161616161618181818181818
8 Bed Mixed Share Dorm Room1717171717171719191919191919
8 Bed Dorm Female Share Dorm1818181818181820202020202020
6 Bed Mixed Share Dorm Room1818181818181820202020202020
4 Bed Mixed Share Dorm Room1919191919191921212121212121
4 Bed Dorm Female Share Dorm1919191919191921212121212121
Private Double/ Single Room5050505050505064646464646464
Private Triple Room5555555555555564646464646464
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06 Jul 07 Jul 08 Jul 09 Jul 10 Jul 11 Jul 12 Jul 13 Jul 14 Jul 15 Jul 16 Jul 17 Jul 18 Jul 19 Jul
Base St Kilda Melbourne Hostel10 Bed Ensuite Dorm Room1818181818181818181818181818
 St Kilda  
8 Bed Ensuite Dorm Room1919191919191919191919191919
6 Bed Ensuite Dorm Room2121212121212121212121212121
4 Bed Ensuite Dorm Room2222222222222222222222222222
Female Only Santuary Dorm2222222222222222222222222222
Nomads Melbourne10 Bed Mixed Share Dorm Room1717171717171717171717171717
 Melbourne CBD  
8 Bed Mixed Share Dorm Room1818181818181818181818181818
6 Bed Mixed Share Dorm Room1919191919191919191919191919
6 Bed Dorm + Private Ensuite2020202020202020202020202020
4 Bed Mixed Share Dorm Room2020202020202020202020202020
4 Bed Female Share Dorm Room2020202020202020202020202020
King Double/ Twin Private Room6565656565656565656565656565
Waltzing Matilda HotelQueen And Single Hotel Room105105105105105105105105105105105105105105
Bacchus Marsh Caravan ParkStudio Ensuite Cabin122122122122122122122122122122122122122122
 Bacchus Marsh  
2 Bedroom Ensuite Cabin133133133133133133133133133133133133133133
2 Bedroom Deluxe Ensuite Cabin146146146146146146146146146146146146146146
2 Bdrm Superior Deluxe Cabin161161161161161161161161161161161161161161
City Edge Dandenong Apartment Hotel2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Apartment233233233233233233233233233233233233233233
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