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The best rates for 2 nights accommodation 
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   Arrival      Nights     
Gold Coast Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
30 May 31 May 01 Jun 02 Jun 03 Jun 04 Jun 05 Jun 06 Jun 07 Jun 08 Jun 09 Jun 10 Jun 11 Jun 12 Jun
Portobello Resort Apartments1 Bedroom Apartment139139139139139139139139139139139139139139
Two Bedroom Apartment199199199199199199199199199199199199199199
Grosvenor Beachfront Apartments1 Bedroom ApartmentSoldSold205205205205205205205205205205205Sold
 Surfers Paradise  
2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom ApartmentSoldSold260260260260260260260260260260260Sold
Komune Resort and Beach Club Greenmount 1 Bedroom Ocean Apartment189149149149499SoldSoldSold399149149149149169
2 Bedroom Ocean Apartment269219219189699699699699399189189189189219
2 Bdrm 2 Bthrm Roof Apartment290275275219750750SoldSold499219219219219239
Royal Pacific ResortQueen Studio Apartment185185185185185185185185185185185185185185
 Biggera Waters  
1 Bedroom Apartment185185185185185185185185185185185185185185
2 Bedroom Apartment280280280280280280280280280280280280280280
Beachcomber Resort Surfers ParadiseStudio Apartment Ocean ViewsSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold130
 Surfers Paradise  
Budget Studio Apartment SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold120
1 Bedroom City ViewsSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold130
1 Bedroom Apartment OceanviewsSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold130
Air on Broadbeach1 Bdrm Apt Ocean Views216216216216216216253253216216216216216257
2 Bdrm 2 Bthrm Apt Ocean Views271262262262262262262262262262262262262322
2 Bdrm 2Bthrm Luxury Ocean Apt317317317317317317391391317317317317317391
2 Bdrm 2 Bthrm Solitaire Apt271271271271271271354354271271271271271354
Iconic Kirra Beach ResortTwo-Bedroom Panoramic View HF329289289289289289329329289289289289289329
Two-Bedroom Premier Ocean 344310310310310310344344310310310310310344
2 Bedroom Ocean View HF369335335335335335369369335335335335335369
3 Bedroom Premier Ocean 470420420420420420470470420420420420420470
3 Bedroom Ocean Apartment High500450450450450450500500450450450450450500
  Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
30 May 31 May 01 Jun 02 Jun 03 Jun 04 Jun 05 Jun 06 Jun 07 Jun 08 Jun 09 Jun 10 Jun 11 Jun 12 Jun
Enderley Gardens Resort1 Bedroom Queen Apartment130130130130130130125125125125125125125125
 Surfers Paradise  
2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Apartment156156156156156156151151151151160160160160
2 Bedroom 2 Bthrm Townhouse205205205205205205200200200200275275275275
Markham Court Holiday Apartments2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Apartment213194194194194194213213194194194194194213
Superior 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom237218218218218218237237218218218218218237
Superior 3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom318299299299299299318318299299299299299318
3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Sky Villa289270270270270270289289270270270270270289
Neptune Resort Broadbeach1 Bedroom ApartmentSold195195195195195SoldSold195195195195195Sold
2 Bedroom ApartmentSold249249249249249SoldSold249249249249249Sold
Boulevard North Holiday Apartments1 Bedroom Ocean ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold225
2 Bdrm 2 Bthrm Ocean ApartmentSoldSold335335335335335335335335335335335335
2 Bdrm Deluxe Ocean ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold355355
3 Bdrm Deluxe Ocean ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold415415415415415415
Oceana on Broadbeach1 Bedroom Ocean View Apartment315315315315315315315315315315315315315315
1 Bdm Absolute Beachfront Apt330330330330330330330330330330330330330330
2 Bedroom Ocean View Apartment390390390390390390390390390390390390390390
2 Bdm Absolute Beachfront Apt410410410410410410410410410410410410410410
Quality Hotel Mermaid WatersKing Studio Hotel RoomSoldSoldSoldSold155155155155155115115115115155
 Mermaid Beach  
Twin Studio Hotel RoomSoldSoldSoldSold155155155155155115115115115155
Triple Studio Hotel RoomSoldSoldSoldSold159159159159159159159159159159
Superior Family Hotel RoomSoldSoldSoldSold179179179179179179179179179179
Superior Family Spa RoomSoldSoldSoldSold199199199209199199199199199199
  Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
30 May 31 May 01 Jun 02 Jun 03 Jun 04 Jun 05 Jun 06 Jun 07 Jun 08 Jun 09 Jun 10 Jun 11 Jun 12 Jun
Aquarius Gold Coast6 Bed Mixed Share Dorm Room3232323232323232323232323232
 Surfers Paradise  
4 Bed Mixed Share Dorm Room3333333333333333333333333333
4 Bed Female Share Dorm Room3333333333333333333333333333
4 Bed Male Share Dorm Room3333333333333333333333333333
Queen+ Single Hotel Room7777777777777777777777777777
Outrigger Resort BurleighQueen Hotel RoomSoldSoldSoldSold120120120170120120120120120120
 Burleigh Heads  
Queen + Single Hotel Room185135135135135135135185135135135135135135
Superior Queen Hotel Room185135135135135135135185135135135135135135
Silverton Apartments1 Bedroom Queen Apartment200180180180180180200200180180180180180190
 Surfers Paradise  
2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Apartment220200200200200200250230200200200200200200
Aruba Beach Resort1 Bedroom Apartment145145145145145145145145145145145145145145
Burleigh Gardens North HI Rise1 Bedroom ApartmentSold190190190190190190190190190190190190190
 Burleigh Heads  
2 Bedroom Apartment235235235235235235235235235235235235235235
2 Bed Superior Apartment252252252252252252252252252252252252252252
Capricorn One Beachside Holiday Apartmen2 Bedroom 2 Bthrm Apartment289239239239239239279289239239239239239269
Chidori Court Apartments2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Apartment345345420420420420420420420420420420420420
Island Beach Resort1 Bedroom Apartment165165145145145145285285145145145145145285
2 Bedroom 2 Bath Apartment295250250250250250295295250250250250250295
St Tropez Resort1 Bedroom Queen Apartment115115115115115115115115115115115115115115
 Surfers Paradise  
2 Bedroom Apartment170170170170170170170170170170170170170170
  Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
30 May 31 May 01 Jun 02 Jun 03 Jun 04 Jun 05 Jun 06 Jun 07 Jun 08 Jun 09 Jun 10 Jun 11 Jun 12 Jun
Sunshine Beach ResortStudio Apartment11095959595959595959595959595
Aqualine Apartments1 Bedroom Queen Spa Apartment147137137137137137147147137137137137137147
2 Bdm 2 Bthm Spa Apartment168168168168168168168168168168168168168168
Ipanema Holiday Resort1 Bedroom ApartmentSold150150150150150150150150119119119119119
Southern Cross Beachfront Holiday Apartm2 Bdrm 2 Bthm Ocean ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold258258Sold
 Burleigh Heads  
2 Bdm Superior Ocean ApartmentSold285285285285285SoldSold285285285285285Sold
Chevron Renaissance Gold Coast Holiday R3 Bdrm 2 Bthrm Apartment -2382SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold450450SoldSoldSold
Ocean Plaza Resort2 Bedroom Apartment210210210210210210210210210250250250250250
San Mateo on Broadbeach1 Bedroom Apartment200170170170170170230230170170170170170170
QT Gold Coast Hotel5* King Riverview Hotel Room189159179179179179199249179179179179179199
 Surfers Paradise  
5* Twin Riverview Hotel Room209194179179179199234249194189179179179199
5* King Oceanview Hotel Room209229219219219219239269219224219219219239
5* Twin Oceanview Hotel Room249244279279279244259269219274219219219239
5*1Bdm King Ocean Hotel SuiteSold334299334334299304339334299329334334444
Carlton Apartments2 Bedroom Premium Apartment329329329329329329329329329329329329329329
Kirra Beach Apartments Coolangatta1 Bedroom Apartment180170170170170170180180170170170170170180
2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Poolview 228278213213213213228228213213213213278228
2 Bedroom 2 Bathrm Oceanview 248233233233233233248248233233233233233248
2 Bdm + Studio Pool View Apt248233233233233233248248233233233233233248
Aria Apartments 2 Bdrm 2 Bthrm Ocean Views 350325325325325325350350325325325325325350
3 Bdrm 2 Bthrm Ocean Views420380380380380380420420380380380380380420
3 Bedroom Skyhouse Oceanviews792792792792792SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold792792Sold
  Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
30 May 31 May 01 Jun 02 Jun 03 Jun 04 Jun 05 Jun 06 Jun 07 Jun 08 Jun 09 Jun 10 Jun 11 Jun 12 Jun
Pelican Sands Beach Resort1 Bedroom Apartment220220220220220220SoldSold220220220220220220
2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Apartment190190190190190190190190190190190190190190
Deluxe 2 Bdm 2 Bthm Apartment205205205205205205205205205205205205205205
High 2 Bdm 2 Bthm Apartment205205205205205205205205205205205205205205
Surfers International Apartments1 Bedroom Queen/Twin ApartmentSoldSold170170170170170170Sold170170170170170
 Surfers Paradise  
2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom ApartmentSoldSold225225225225225225Sold225225225225225
The Breakers1 Bedroom Apartment260260260260260260260260260260260260260260
2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Apartment330330330330330330330330330330330330330330
Swell ResortSuperior One Bedroom ApartmentSoldSold219219219219SoldSold219219219219219219
 Burleigh Heads  
Superior Two Bedroom ApartmentSoldSold279279279279279279279279279279279279
3 Bedroom ApartmentSoldSold389389389389389389389389389389389389
Deville Apartments2 Bedroom Ocean ApartmentSoldSold275275275275275275275275275275275275
Oceanside Cove Holiday Apartments1 Bedroom Queen Apartment165165165165165165165165165165165165165165
 Burleigh Heads  
2 Bedroom Apartment -1 Q + 2 S180180180180180180180180180180180180180180
Sandcastles on the Broadwater1 Bedroom Queen Apartment175165165165165165175175165165165165165175
2 Bedrm 2 Bthrm Spa Apartment200190190190190190200200190190190190190200
3 Bedrm 2 Bthrm Spa Apartment250240240240240240250250240240240240240250
Jadran Motel and El Jays Holiday LodgeTwin Studio Hotel Suite120110110110110110120120110110110110110120
Twin Double Studio Hotel Suite120110110110110110120120110110110110110Sold
1 Bedroom Apartment Suite130Sold120120120120130130120120120120120130
  Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
30 May 31 May 01 Jun 02 Jun 03 Jun 04 Jun 05 Jun 06 Jun 07 Jun 08 Jun 09 Jun 10 Jun 11 Jun 12 Jun
Surf Parade Resort1 Bedroom Spa ApartmentSold199199199199199235235199199199199199235
Norfolk Luxury Beachfront Apartments3 Bedroom Deluxe Ocean View350350409409409409409409409409409409409409
Gemini Court Holiday Apartments2 Bdm 2 Bthm Oceanview Apt245245245245245245245245245245245245245245
Harbour Side ResortStudio Apartment110110129129129129129119119119119119119119
1 Bedroom Apartment125125139139139139179139139139139139139139
2 Bedroom Apartment145145189189189189189189189189189189189189
Wharf Boutique Apartments1 Bedroom Apartment140125150150150150150150150150150150150150
 Surfers Paradise  
Exec 2 Bdm 2 Bthrm Apartment190190190190190190190190190190190190190190
Exec 2 Bdm Oceanview Apartment190190190190190190190190190190190190190Sold
Hi Ho Beach Apartments1 Bedroom Apartment189135135135165165209259165165165165165209
1 Bedroom Superior Apartment279175175175175175229289175175175175175229
2 Bedroom ApartmentSold199265265265265399399265265265265265399
Windsurfer Resort1 Bedroom Apartment139139125125125125125139139125125125125125
 Biggera Waters  
1 Bedroom Apartment WaterviewSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold130140140130130130130130
1 Bedroom Family Apartment 5 PSold250SoldSold250250250250250250250250250250
2 Bedroom Apartment169169145145145145145169169145145145145145
Orchid Residences3 Bdm 2 BthmApartment 25102SoldSoldSold385385SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold
Points North Apartments2 Bedroom ApartmentSoldSold190190190190SoldSoldSold190190190190210
2 Bedroom Superior ApartmentSoldSold210210210SoldSoldSoldSold210210210210230
Centre Front Deluxe 2 Bdm AptSoldSold230230230SoldSoldSoldSold230230230230258
  Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
30 May 31 May 01 Jun 02 Jun 03 Jun 04 Jun 05 Jun 06 Jun 07 Jun 08 Jun 09 Jun 10 Jun 11 Jun 12 Jun
Bombora ResortSuperior Hotel Room169119119119119119169169119119119119119169
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